Sandusky Gets 30 Years Plus, Endorses Romney, Vows to Fight

Today Jerry Sandusky, erstwhile Penn State football coach and youth leader, received a 30 to 60 year sentence after his conviction for child molestation.  Judge John Cleland, not to be confused with the author of Fanny Hill, handed down the sentence.

Sandusky made a statement in court in which he proclaimed his innocence and vowed to fight for exoneration.  He advanced the theory that he was the victim of a left wing conspiracy.  The highlight of his statement was his endorsement of Mitt Romney for president.  He said, “Mitt and I go way back.  He’s one of the few who’ve stood by me throughout this ordeal.  He’s promised that when he takes office he’ll free me from prison on day one of his term, right before he repeals Obamacare.  I urge all right minded people who oppose this legal travesty and miscarriage of justice to vote for Romney and clear my name.  I believe in America. In your heart you know I’m right.”

We reached out to the Romney campaign for comment but, as of press time, has not received a response.


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    […] another endorsement M’Lord Romney could have done without: Jerry Sandusky. Company you keep, ’nuff […]

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